Distant Healing to Increase your Motivation and Focus

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Do you feel like you have brain fog and struggle to keep focused and motivated to achieve your goals? Is there something you want to achieve such as studying but each time you sit down to do it your mind wanders and then you get annoyed at yourself? You may have an energetic block holding you back for example. If this is how you are currently feeling and would like to try an alternative and holistic approach to improving your motivation, this reading is for you.

With this session, I will connect with you remotely from the comfort of your own home on the day and time chosen by you. This is done entirely offline - there is no video or telephone connection so all you have to do is ease into the soothing bespoke healing music I will send the link to, and get comfortable and relax.

I prepare and select crystals specifically aimed at improving your focus and motivation as well as promoting grounding, peace and happiness and combine it together with the beautiful and gentle reiki reading and channel this to you. I work through your 7 main chakra energy centres to open and release any blocks allowing their energy to flow freely which in turn helps you feel better and can improve your overall wellbeing.

The methods and tools I use for the reading include Reiki Energy, Crystal Energy, Chakra & Aura Cleansing, Candles, Sage, Palo Santo, Moon Water and Angelic Energy as well as connecting with my spirit guides for their support during and after your session with card readings.

💜 What do you get with this purchase? 💜

1. A 30 or 60 minute reading

2. Access to my bespoke meditation music with specific audio frequencies to aid in healing each chakra

3. A choice of card reading (a Reiki Healing Card or Oracle Healing Card - examples of both are in the images) which will be chosen by my guides for you after connecting with your energy

4. *The option* of having a report of your session including how I found your energy, where there were blockages and imbalances, how I cleared and balanced them together with an overview of each chakra and what they are responsible for and some hints and tips of how you can keep your chakras open and flowing yourself at home

💜 What is Reiki?💜
Reiki is a universal, graceful and compassionate energy that can heal on many levels. It is the free passage and transference of universal life force energy from practitioner to recipient either in person or from a distance. There is no religious philosophy attached to Reiki.

💜How does it work?💜
Reiki energy will flow through the recipients’ body and will deeply relax, balance and calm their energy system. All our energy systems are linked, mind, body and soul and each of these have an effect on each other. When cleansing and healing energy enters the body it then in turn cleanses and heals the mind, emotions and the spiritual body too.

💜What next?💜
Once purchase has been made, I will message you with a booking link for you to select the date and time convenient for you to have the reading, and you can include any details you are happy to share of how you are currently feeling if you feel it could be relevant.

During the reading I will be meditating and connecting with my guides, angels, crystals, and the universal reiki energy to connect with you.

Once I have connected to your energy and my guides, I will carry out your card pull and reading within 48 hours of our appointment time. A photograph of the card drawn together with your reading (and a short report of your session if this option has been chosen) will be sent to you.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions 🙂

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