Mercury Retrograde

You may have heard the term ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’ or ‘Mercury Retrograde’ by some people throughout the year, especially if someone is attributing bad luck or things going wrong in their lives and blaming it on this astrological event. 

Whilst Mercury Retrograde can influence and cause some imbalances in your life, I am here to tell you more about what it is, what this means to you and how you can make the most from this planet’s interference with how we live.   

The planet Mercury

Each planet in our solar system rules over some aspect of our lives according to astrology. Planet Mercury rules over two things:   

Communication this includes how we express ourselves in written or verbal communication, our ability to listen, speak clearly and be heard, negotiation and the way we take in information, our desire to learn and desire for knowledge.   

Transport/Travel – this includes long and short journeys, commuting, and also governs trade and ecommerce.   

What is Retrograde?   

Retrograde is essentially when a planet appears to move backwards as seen from our planet Earth. This is due to how long other planets orbit the Sun in comparison to our planet. They can appear to overtake and speed past Earth, then seemingly stop and go in reverse. This doesn’t physically happen but this is how it appears from Earth. For Mercury, this happens 3 or 4 times a year and lasts between 2 and 3 weeks each time.   

Shadow Phases in Mercury Retrograde   

A shadow phase is the period of time before and after the Retrograde happens, when Mercury appears to slow down and stop (before) and when it appears to move forward again after the Retrograde. This is a time for stillness and reflection.   

The shadow phase lasts for around 2 weeks before the Retrograde and many would say that this period affects them the most. 

The post shadow phase after the Retrograde lasts for around 2 weeks.   

It is advised that during the first shadow phase we should begin to prepare for the effects of what is to come, making big decisions at this time isn’t advisable but being as open and flexible as possible is right for this phase.  

The post shadow phase or ‘echo’ as it can also be known, is when we should allow ourselves time to process its effects, tread carefully and wait until it feels right to put any new plans into action.   

How can Mercury Retrograde affect us?   

Some of us experience some a number of things during the Retrograde such as:   

  • Miscommunications or misunderstandings with others 
  • Emotional instability 
  • Falling out with loved ones 
  • Our energy feels low and drained 
  • Our thinking becomes less logical 
  • We feel anxious and ungrounded 
  • Things appear to move backwards in life – relationships, goals, career, projects etc. 
  • Technology becomes temperamental - losing documents and crashing for example 
  • We seem to lose things like keys and other possessions more easily 
  • Documents, emails and other important things may not reach their destination (postal delays, technology failure etc.) 
  • Travel delays or disruptions, breakdowns etc. can happen   

The best way to prepare for this event is to plan ahead as much as you possibly can so that things go in your favour. This means researching everything you can, have back up travel plans in case you need them, pack extra things in your car in case you do breakdown for example.

It’s not all bad – we can benefit from this event too! 

There is a myth that Mercury Retrograde only brings havoc, misery and torment, and whilst it can cause some disruption as mentioned above, we can also benefit from it too. 

Here are some things you can do to make the most of the Retrograde: 

  • Be open to opportunities that present themselves (just don’t rush decisions or judgement) 
  • Complete and finish any projects you have started 

AND Remember all the words beginning with 'RE'

RE-new your current commitments and see them through 

RE-view all paperwork you are completing during this period, you could also review your financial commitments to see where you can save money, for example utility companies. 

RE-flect what have you accomplished so far? appreciate how far you’ve come 

RE-direct your energy, decide if there are areas of your life you are spending too much of your precious energy that could be better spent and redirected elsewhere 

RE-vise and RE-search – gather all information you need at your fingertips for anything coming up that would benefit from the extra work you put in – tests, interviews, relocating, applications for example. 

RE-charge – REst, RElax, REplenish your energy 

RE-think – what beliefs, views, ideas, standards and perceptions have you outgrown? what are you doing that is just out of habit rather than how you actually feel? time to rethink and readjust to your new reality 

RE-turn and Re-connect – use this time to return phone calls, catch up with loved ones and focus energy on who/what you currently have in your life. Spend time nurturing the relationships you have (even with clients) rather than using your energy towards new relationships. However, getting back in touch with your ex may not be a good idea!

Re-visit – Is there somewhere you have been and intended to return at some point but haven't found the time to? You may want to think about organising a return visit and setting aside time to do so.  

RE-organise – as this is a time for stillness and reflection, spending time reorganising your home, clearing away clutter, making your space more calm and relaxing will be very beneficial  

RE-solve – if you are carrying any heaviness or hurt with you from arguments, disagreements or conflicts with other people, now would be a good time to resolve them, wipe the slate clean and forgive to create more space in your heart for love and happiness.   

Support is available! 

If you are struggling with Mercury Retrograde or its shadow phases, you are not alone and I can help. Through the use of the beautiful and powerful reiki energy (combined with crystal healing), I can connect with you and your energy from the comfort of your own home, over any distance and time to help ease the effects of Mercury Retrograde such as:

  • Ease emotional imbalance and/or anxiety
  • Help you become more grounded and less restless
  • Help you to slow down and relax your mind and body
  • Empower you to reflect and review your life and make changes you feel necessary
  • Invite love, calm and organisation into your life to live happier and more fulfilled
  • Let go of any unwanted energy that no longer serves you. 
  • Provide spiritual protection for you during the Retrograde.

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